HI!! Its been a little while since I have blogged!!

I am finishing up updating my website and I wanted to finally get motivated to actually do a blog post!! I have sooooo much to share, I figured it was time to do get back to blogging!

I am definitely not one to type out a lot, I prefer to have my images tell the story, but I will try to be better about it!!

I met Cassie this winter during my red truck sessions, ( that blog post will be coming soon) and you know when you just meet someone that you just really like and you click, well that was us! I knew from the first minute that I was going to like her and her kids:) Fast forward to an IG message conversation when she told me that she was pregnant, omg I was so excited and over the moon I knew then that Cassie was stuck with me!! SO when we planned to do this gender reveal, it was also going to be the moments that she was telling her two boys and her stepson, Eric. All three boys had no idea!! Once she shared the news, we planned on doing a gender reveal! I had such a fun morning with them, so worth the wait in telling the kids! Now go enjoy my images to get the story as it unfolds in my images!!

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