I love Newborns

I don't own a Studio and sometimes I wish I did, but what I do love the most is that I have the ability to make my clients super comfortable in their own homes. That is right, all my newborn sessions are done at my clients homes. I do have the ability to do them in my home if someone prefers that but 99.9% are all done on location. ALL my sessions include family, siblings and even grandparents if they are there! When the weather is perfect we shoot as much as we can outside!! I love the natural beauty that you can find outside and the lighting is just my favorite. I do have studio lighting that I bring, but if there is an over abundance of natural light, I AM in heaven.

Thank you Alex for having me come to your home and photograph your beautiful daughter. It was so nice that her step brothers and your mom were there, It always makes it so much fun to incorporate all family in our sessions. Enjoy these session Highlights!